After the loss, call Doss
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Reliable Risk and Claims Management

Doss & Associates is dedicated to helping insurance companies and self-insured entities manage their pre and post loss needs. We specialize in auto, property, casualty and heavy equipment losses as well as lease inspection, risk assessment and third- party administration.

As your partner, we behave as an extension of your business. We understand that our service is a reflection of you and that it impacts your bottom line. We also understand that each business we serve is unique and we will tailor our management system to work for you. Whether you have a specific assessment platform or delivery system, we are flexible to accommodate your needs.

We average 23 years of risk assessment experience and 25 years of claims handling experience. We are skilled in our service area and have a thorough understanding of the tools and regulations in our industry because we are committed to ongoing education and training at all levels.

With Doss & Associates, you can be confident that your insurance claims, lease inspections and risk assessments will be handled effectively and in a timely manner.

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